KOZAN STUDIOS offers a full range of digital reproduction services to compliment our work and expand your project options. Our design staff is proficient in the latest digital printing technologies, qualified to provide one-stop convenience from concept through production. Artwork can be digitally scanned to create one-of-a-kind or multiple reproductions for indoor or outdoor use in any scale. In addition to prints, images can be generated on a wide range of materials, including artist canvas, fabrics, vinyl, glass and ceramic tiles.

The original artwork is created in our studio, then scanned for optimum resolution, color, sharpness, and contrast. We can resize the digital file, customizing it to fit any size. Digital images are color-adjusted for quality reproduction with the look of traditional photographic prints and consistent color over large areas. Reproduction surfaces include wallpaper, styrene or pvc cutouts, furniture, glass, acrylic sheets, walls, floors or vehicles.